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Plant-Powered Beauty: Exploring the Benefits of Natural Face Oils


The demand for sustainable and environment-friendly products has increased and the sector of plant-based products is thriving. The market for these products has also witnessed an upsurge, with more and more people switching to natural solutions over commercial ones. Despite continued research, the remarkable benefits of these products are impossible to ignore. From plant-derived serums and creams to natural oils for the face and hair, plant-based products are highly effective. This blog talks about plant-based skincare, its benefits and how natural face oils are an effective option.


Skincare products naturally derived from plants form the basis of plant-based skincare. Instead of products extracted from synthetic chemicals or animal byproducts, plant-based skincare is all about using ingredients sourced from nature. Plant extracts, flowers, seeds and leaves are the sources of ingredients used in these skincare products. Plant-based skincare is a great alternative for people looking for cruelty-free and vegan skincare products. Since this skincare range is free from synthetic and harmful chemicals, it is safer than commercially produced ones, with more focus on healthy and clean skincare beauty.


Recent developments in the skincare industry have opened up new possibilities for research in plant-based skincare. In comparison to the conventional ways of curating skincare products, this new way of creating sustainable, skin-friendly and cruelty-free skincare products has gained wide popularity. Many skincare enthusiasts and entrepreneurs are taking up this space to put forth their creations. Experiments are going on a wide scale. The skincare industry is now primarily centred around clean beauty practices, with plant-based skincare as its foundation. So, it is possible to see a complete transition of skincare space to a sustainable, environmentally conscious and more health-focused domain.


An essential component of skincare which you cannot miss out on is face oil. Face oil is filled with natural healing properties and is an excellent choice for various skin concerns. Choosing the right facial oil is crucial for achieving desired results based on your skin type. Before we dive into how to choose the right facial oil, we need to look at the benefits of face oil and what makes it an inevitable part of a clean beauty routine. Facial oil can either be pure or single, having only one ingredient or can be a blend of several oils to suit a particular concern. Both types of face oils are equally effective and deserve a spot in your vanities.

Let's take a look at some benefits of using natural face oils:

Moisturises and hydrates skin-

Natural oils are packed with hydrating agents. Thus, they are great for moisturising the skin cells and making the skin look more radiant and young. Combining a good massage with the application of face oil is also a good way to boost blood circulation in the face, making the oil seep in deeper providing more hydration.

Delay signs of ageing-

All natural oils like Rosehip Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil and others contain antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and fatty acids which keep skin tight, prevent wrinkles and make it look young and glowing. These oils are also effective in treating various skin concerns like acne, spots, and pigmentation and even work on pores and make skin look better.

Spot Treatment-

Facial oils can do wonders if used correctly and treat spots, acne and pimples. Pure oils like Tea Tree Oil work miraculously on acne and pimples. The Bare Bar's Day and Night facial oil is a similar amalgamation of natural oils and Vitamin E combined to cure acne, reduce scars and leave the skin feeling soft and smooth.

Heals Dry Skin -

Natural face oils are known for their hydrating and moisturising properties. Facial oils create a barrier and lock skin moisture, healing dry, dehydrated skin. The Bare Bar's range of natural face oils- Day Facial Oil, Night Facial Oil and Kumkumadi Tailam (Face oil) promises hydration along with the repair of dry, damaged skin.

Thus, facial oils are also beneficial in many other ways. They protect the skin from external damage caused by sun, dust and pollution. Face oils also keep the pores clean by getting absorbed into the skin. In addition, they are an effective alternative to chemically produced skin products to treat skin ailments. Furthermore, facial oils have the potential to provide additional benefits like glow and radiance to the skin.


Given the host of benefits, an oil for the face has, it is inevitable to ignore its use in your skincare routine. Several natural face oils are available in the plant-based skincare range. But choosing the perfect fit for your skin is a task everyone should perform with proper research about our skin type. Face oils can easily make or break your skincare routine. Each oil has a potent combination of antioxidants and other natural properties which treat a skin concern. So, choosing the right oil for the face becomes necessary. Start by categorising your skin as dry, normal or oily. Further, look for specific concerns you wish to treat- Acne, spots, pigmentation or anything else. Then, read and learn about the properties of face oils and choose the one which matches perfectly with your concern and wait till the magic of a natural face oil takes your skin to another level.