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Caring for Your Hair Naturally: Clean Beauty Haircare Tips and Rituals


With a recent shift towards sustainable lifestyle choices and eco-friendly beauty products, one thing which has captured sufficient spotlight is clean beauty and hair care routines. Clean beauty refers to choosing alternatives to chemical-based skin and hair care products. If you are new to this term and wish to dive deeper into the ideas and tips about clean hair care practices, keep reading to know all about clean hair care tips and rituals. In a nutshell, this blog covers everything about a clean hair care routine, from choosing the best hair oil to practices which will enhance the overall quality of your hair.


Keeping those locks thick and long is all that we desire. In the quest of treating our hair in the best way, we might find ourselves scrolling through beauty pages and guides for that ultimate game-changer routine. With clean beauty, it becomes easy to sum up a good hair care routine in 5 steps given below:

1. Know your hair

When drafting a hair care routine, it's crucial to understand your hair's needs. Start by identifying whether your hair is dry, frizzy, or normal. It's also important to consider the texture of your hair, such as whether it's curly, wavy, or straight. By answering these questions, you will be an inch closer to developing a hair care routine that promotes healthy and beautiful hair.

2. Select the best hair oil for hair growth

An essential step in a hair routine is choosing the best hair oil for hair growth. Hair oils are important to nourish and hydrate the scalp and follicles, thus allowing new hair to grow freely. Natural hair oils like bhringraj hair oil, almond oil and virgin coconut oil are among the best hair oils chosen by clean beauty practitioners. So, it's time to ditch those commercial hair oils and choose natural and effective oils like bhringraj hair oil to nourish your tresses.

3. Look for chemical-free hair cleansers

The current beauty market is filled with chemical-based hair cleansers that can be harsh on our hair. Our hair is sensitive to these chemicals, and the toxic ingredients can damage it. A better alternative is to look for natural, toxin-free hair cleansers that provide our hair with much-needed, nature-friendly elements. Opting for vegan and organic hair cleansers can help maintain hair's natural quality and enhance its overall appearance. Using a good cleanser with the best hair oil can work wonders for your locks.

4. Opt for natural hair accessories

Choose wood and bamboo-based hair accessories over plastic ones. From combs to head massagers, wood and bamboo are among the best choices. The Bare Bar’s accessible range of hair accessories promises care not only for your hair but also for the environment. Choose from a wide range of wood and bamboo-based hair accessories and take the first steps to unlock the magic of a clean hair care routine.

5. Limit exposure to chemical/ heat treatments

The last and most essential step to a fulfilling hair care routine is to let those locks live naturally. Exposing hair to chemical treatments and other heating equipment makes it lose its natural shine and texture, making it brittle and more prone to breakage. A clean hair care follower would swear by natural ingredients and methods to heal damaged hair rather than switching to chemicals and heat treatments.


The essence of a clean hair care routine is rooted in switching to natural, plant-based hair products and leaving behind commercial, chemical ones. Taking care of your hair in natural ways includes small changes like using eco-friendly products and accessories, choosing cruelty-free hair products and alternating chemical-based ones with vegan variants. Oiling is the next important part of building a foundation for a clean hair routine. Choose the best hair oil according to your hair type and follow a good hair oiling plan every week. Massage and oiling go hand in hand. For best results, try our wooden hair massager which stimulates blood flow and promotes hair growth. Bhringraj hair oil can also do wonders when included in your hair care regime. Other ways to take care of hair is by using homemade and natural hair masks and serums to maintain hair’s natural texture and elasticity. Making room for small changes like these will surely pave the way for your hair to become better and more beautiful.


Clean beauty has gained sufficient spotlight due to recent research and a growing shift towards sustainable life choices. While practitioners and beauty enthusiasts often speak at length about the benefits of clean beauty, it is important to note that they are not exaggerating in any way. A clean hair care routine presents a natural, safe, and eco-friendly way to care for your hair and skin. While the commercial market is loaded with chemical-based products, Clean Beauty focuses on getting closer to nature to find long-lasting solutions for short-term problems. With minimal to zero side effects and 100% positive results, it's worth giving clean beauty a try.