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My daughter has very sensitive and dry skin, and l've had trouble finding products that don't cause irritation, apart from Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Cream, which has been great for her.
Though recently, I tried @thebarebarofficial Baby products on her, and am happy to report that their products did not irritate her skin at all. Their all-100% natural, plant-based ingredients are so gentle on her skin. They are also free from artificial fragrances, providing gentle yet effective protection.

Baby body wash, Baby lotion, Baby body butter, Baby lip balm

I'm working on adopting a new monthly habit, and for the past few weeks, l've been incorporating the Guasha tool into my routine.
#notsponsored I just love @thebarebarofficial
I've been watching videos to learn specific techniques, hoping to master them over time.
I've seen some noticeable changes so far like improved blood circulation in my skin, a relaxing feeling, especially before bedtime, and the essential use of hydrating face oils. It's definitely something I'd continue.

Gua Sha

I bought this @thebarebarofficial Madurai Jasmine body butter from earlier this year, and it is simply amazing. Unadulterated jasmine fragrance that stays with you for many hours, and has a beautiful rich consistency for a deeply moisturising product. While it's a little much for summer time use, it's great for winter skincare I have now cleaned out this container. Can't wait to repurchase!

Geetanjali Chitnis
Madurai Jasmine body butter

Got these lip balms from @thebarebarofficial. They are so hydrating and give off such a glossy finish! The Vanilla one smells sugary and like a vanilla cupcake. The Caramel one smells like a coffee caramel toffee!

Anjana Jaikishan
Vanilla Lip Balm, Caramel Lip Balm

I barely (no pun intended) even have any of their Lavender Patchouli Body Butter left because I've been using it on my tired feet and legs each night and it is the most soothing thing. 10/10 recommend. Also, their natural deodorant is superb and WORKS.

Karuna Ezara Parikh
Lavender Patchouli Body Butter

I absolutely love the formula, fragrance everything. You can carry it anywhere, and just a quick rub on your hands, makes them smell delish🍫It smells like - Choco Mint as the name suggests🤍✨

Chocomint Body butter stick

I've used this every day without fail and I'm never going back. I was out the entire day last Saturday, used this under makeup & didn't have a single break out which is unheard of for me. The Mumbai pollution always gets to my skin but this magic potion saved my skin!

Hia Sodha
Pollution Barrier Serum

My room began to smell like I'm an indie artist living in a room filled with green and positive energy

Aaron Christopher
Cacao Lip, Balm, Lemon soap bar, Citrus slush deo stick, Choco mint body butter stick, Vanilla Candle Jar

Hey, We received our packages this morning And I just used everything and loved every single product. Ive never written such long review but heres for you bcz the efforts and quality of every single product. Ive used many body washes but I have to say this one was best so far❤ Face wash ka packaging is so smart and my face feels so good. Lip balm smells so good😩 I feel like eating it. Body butter is very moisturising and feels so good on skin. We're loving it❤ May your business thrive and reach new heights of success!

Ayushi Vaishnav
Token of love hamper

The lip balm is amazing and I can’t wait to try other flavours. The vanilla deodorant smelled really nice.

Lip balm, Vanilla Deodorant

I love the lavender deodorant. It smells divine. 🌼And the beautiful coconut shell soap case is beautiful ❤️

Shiny Singh
Lavender Deodorant, Coconut shell soap case

Very very good the smell isn’t overpowering, very creamy texture.

Drisha Roy
Kashmiri saffron body butter

I have really dry skin. So after shaving, this is perfect! In fact I had to even use an oil And then this post my shower. I love how hydrating it is! Definitely a must for dry skin peeps. Yes I really like this body butter From the fragrance to the texture to the feel 🙌🏾

Mehek Virani
Kashmiri lavender body butter

Felt like sharing with you. Absolutely loving the deo. I had stopped using deos because it used to block my pores and I used to get boils very often. Glad I purchased the product. Vanilla smells absolutely authentic (I am a very picky Vanilla addict), perfect creamy texture, paper packaging everything is so on point. Thank you for this awesome product.

Vanilla deodorant
This smells so wonderful, like roses, and I really love its texture. It feels so luxurious on the skin. Using this every night, I wake up with brighter and softer skin.
— Kumkumadi Face Cream
Hia Sodha
When I got these products, I was just about to get my period and so the first serum that I tried was this one. I was obviously breaking out and OMG! It got rid of my breakouts SO quickly. l've never used Mandelic acid before but after this, I don't think I can stop.
— Purity-pro Acne Serum
Strawberry lip balm! Mu current favourite nourishing lipbalm
— Strawberry lip balm
Sara Arfeen Khan
My two favourites from@thebarebarofficial
Kumkumadi gel that help in reducing pigmentation & gives me a glowing complexion. Lemon Mint lip oil which softens and protects my lips from dehydration & cracking. Try these! All their products are 100 natural & organic.
— Kumkumadi Gel, Lemon mint lip oil
Dr Anjali Kumar
This natural deodorant is made with clean ingredients, free from harsh chemicals and aluminium. It's a great option for those seeking an all-natural solution.
Had to be used 2x a day. Its gentle formula is designed to neutralise odour-causing bacteria, giving you a subtle and refreshing neroli scent. I like that it is natural and contains no extra chemicals!
Suitable for men & women! Safe for Pregnant & breastfeeding!
— Neroli Deodorant
The body butter smells amazing
— Lavender Body Butter

Customer before-after

Effective in reducing acne with a non-greasy texture
— Purity-pro Acne Serum
Its delivers a radiant complexion, enriched with natural ingredients. Its refreshing, lightweight moisturizer with a subtle lavender scent.
— Lavender day gel cream, Kumkumadi face oil
I really liked both the products. They’re really good with keeping the skin hydrated. I found that it made my skin texture smoother.I really love the serum oil, it smells great😊
— Hydrating night cream, Night facial oil