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Explore the Best Hair Colors for Women - Transform Your Look with Our Top Recommendations


Are you on a hair colour hunt to give yourself a hair makeover this season or planning to dive into the world of hair colouring for the first time? If yes, then continue reading. Experimenting with hair colour is a daring act. It can either unveil a new, transformed look or push you into terrible regret if the attempt goes wrong. So before you pick up that hairbrush and prepare yourself to give a colourful makeover, scroll down to know the right colour tones suitable for your skin type and get going with zero regrets and fun-filled hair colouring experience.


For those venturing into the world of hair colour possibilities for the first time, note that our skin tone plays a central role in determining the overall look of the hair colour. As a first step, know your skin tone and then go for suitable hair colours. To have a grasp of your skin tone, try the following steps-

  • Find a naturally lit spot, preferably lit by sunlight, to check your skin tone.
  • Now, look at the colour of the veins in your hands.
  • If your veins look purple or blue, you have a fair skin tone.
  • If your veins look green, you have a dusky skin tone.
  • If your veins look blue and green, you have a neutral/wheatish skin tone. 

Once you get these basics done, you can start by exploring a range of possibilities with hair colours designed for your skin tone type.



  • 1. Auburn 

  • The Auburn hair colour belongs to the family of reds and gels well with a brown palette to give the hair an overall natural-looking red-headed look. It is one of the best hair colours for fair-skinned people as it complements their skin tone and looks flattery. If you wish to become a trendsetter, try out this hair colour. We are sure you won’t regret it at all!

  • 2. Platinum 

  • Remember Margot Robbie’s breathtaking Barbie premier looks donned with an eye-catching head full of voluminous platinum-coloured tresses? Yes, that’s the charm of a platinum-blonde look on fair skin. Be it, Margot or Anya Taylor Joy, both have stunned the public with their experimental choice of hair colour and have set trends you can try a hand at by going for a platinum blonde look.

  • 3. Amber 

  • As classy as it sounds, amber hair colour falls between strawberry and red colour hues with a base of golden to add all that gloss and radiance to the hair. This hair colour gives the freedom to experiment with shades of brown and can be spiced up with a hint of copper hair colour.

  • 4. Ash Brown 

  • Commonly known as mushroom brown, ash brown colour falls on the cooler side of the palette by blending notes of silver with hues of brown to create a metallic appearance. This hair colour grabs all eyes with its perfectly intertwined tones of brown and silver, creating a radiant look.


  • 1. Chocolate Brown 

  • Nothing beats the power of a dark brown hair colour on a wheatish tone. The chocolate hues of this hair colour add to the overall appearance and give more character to hair by making it glossy whilst making you look younger and radiant. Don't forget to apply hair serum for a better finish.

  • 2. Golden Brown 

  • What’s better than giving hair subtle hues of brown with golden highlights? One of the most tried hair colours, a golden brown shade blends well with the skin tone and unveils a new look of hair, in and out.

  • 3. Mahogany 

  • Calling all tan-skinned girls to give this hair colour a try as it is super chic and intense. With a warm touch of brown weaved with purple, the mahogany hair colour is a win-win for this skin tone. Elevate your overall look by styling mahogany-coloured hair in tight curls or loose waves. 

  • 4. Mocha Brown 

  • Another trending hair colour that rocks for neutral skin tones is mocha brown. No, we are not talking about your coffee or boba tea. We are talking about a luscious hair colour which looks tempting like your mocha drink, but in a more fashioned way, on your hair. You can opt for mocha highlights or mocha blonde if you wish to get more experimental with this colour.


  • 1. Caramel Hues 

  • Caramel has levelled up its game by going beyond its expertise to give a sultry look to your desserts and making some space in the hair colour shades. A caramel hair colour can make your hair look as shiny as after a hair oil massage. Now, you can try a caramel hair colour and give your hair a sweet makeover. 

  • 2. Reddish Brown 

  • Want to try out a red-headed look? Don’t overthink and get going with the reddish-brown colour, looking gorgeous on dusky-skinned people. It’s time to ditch the browns and get some drama added to that head of yours with the stunning shades of red hair colour.

  • 3. Chestnut Brown 

  • This hair colour feels like it's dropped straight out of a beach vacation with all those flirty notes of reds and browns weaved together to give hair the much-needed respite by making it look striking with each hair flip. 

  • 4. Burgundy 

  • It is among the hottest hair colours to try out if you have a dusky skin tone. The purple hues of this hair colour easily blend with the skin tone and make the hair look adjusted well to the skin colour. Whether you want to try hair colour for the first time or elevate your basic look, this one deserves a try!

    Life’s too short to live with regular hair colours. With a whole shade card of limitless possibilities, you can unleash your creativity by dipping your hairbrush in your favourite hair colour and thank us later for making your first time memorable with our recommended hair colours.