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Unleash Your Beauty with these Best Curly Hair Cuts and Styles


If you are a part of the curly-headed family, you must have struggled to keep those curls tight and frizz-free. Curly hair demands high maintenance. Curly locks are among the most beautiful hair. To keep them in shape is a task for all born with natural curls. Unlike wavy or straight hair, curly hair has a unique texture and requires utmost care in daily life. Your choice of hair cleanser or hair mask affects the way curls look because curls tend to react differently to different products. So, it is advisable to use curl-friendly hair products like the best hair oil for curly hair to get those locks in shape. 

You will also be surprised to know that haircuts and styles level up the curl hair game and can work like magic to revamp your personality. Trust us, a curl-friendly haircut helps you avoid bad hair days for eternity! 


  • BOB CUT 

  • A bob cut is perfect to achieve a manageable yet impactful look. This haircut radiates power and is a statement-maker in its unique way. Ideal for people with round faces, a bob cut enhances the facial structure and adds an illusion of perspective on the face, making the haircut blend well with the face shape.

    You can also level up the regular bob cut with the best BB combo. A mini bob with bangs falling over the forehead could be the next trendsetter. Pair this haircut with a hair serum for frizzy hair to avoid frizz and let each wave and curl wrap your face by enhancing the overall facial structure.


  • It’s time to bust the myth that a layer cut only goes with long, silky hair. A curly haircut, ideal for long or medium-length hair, creates an illusion of extra volume with its weightless appearance and gives a fun, chill vibe. The best part? It requires minimal care. With just a trim every three months, you can get along with this haircut if you don’t have tight, well-defined curls.


  • This haircut is up to the level of your shoulder, also known as a Shoulder Cut, and is perfect for keeping the volume in shape. A medium-length cut is manageable and classy at the same time. You can maintain this haircut by opting for a curl-care hair serum to keep each curl fresh and defined.


  • A crisp take on regular short haircuts, the pixie cut is stylish and unique with a retro vibe. This haircut usually has asymmetrical hair with long hair in front, tucked up like a fringe and short curls on the back and sides. This haircut also makes it easier for you to apply hair products like hair colour or hair mask, thanks to the immense amount of manageability that this haircut brings with itself.


  • A side-parted neat bob haircut is like a regular bob but with a more defined look. A neatly done side part differentiates this haircut from a bob cut. It is classy and chic in its overall appearance. If you have the urge to achieve a powerful and a boss-lady kinda look, you should ditch everything else and go for this one without second thoughts.



  • What’s better than a neatly done centre-parted updo with curls hanging out of the bun to add depth and volume to the hairstyle? A Celeb-approved hairstyle, tight updos go well with western outfits and co-ord sets. It also pairs well with Indian traditions. So, if you want to leave a mark on your corporate party or get all the attention with your desi flare, a tight updo for curly hair could be on your radar!


  • If you want to emphasise your profiles, you can opt for a side-swept curly hairstyle embellished with sparkly studs or fragrant flowers. This hairstyle is perfect to flaunt the thick, spiral curls, all volumed up on one side of the head. Perfect for brides and bridesmaids, this hairstyle is a statement-maker which never goes out of style.


  • Are you feeling too tired to try complicated, time-consuming hairstyles? Don’t stress out. You can look elegant by doing nothing at all! Well, not literally. This hairstyle is the quickest and easiest to go for if you have a head full of natural, voluminous curls. Just grab your comb and centre-part your hair. Apply a hair serum evenly to add gloss to those curls. That’s it, girl, you are ready to rock.


  • To create a delicate, soft look, loosen up your curls and make a full crown braid from the sides to the back. Add some sparkly beads or embellished flowers and place them on the crown braid to add some detail. You can also get experimental fun by adding a dash of glitter to the braid. The final look will be to die for. 


  • Inspired by Sanya Malhotra’s classy curls? They are called corkscrew curls and are popular among the B-town. You can try them too by creating tight ringlets of curly hair and applying sufficient hairspray to increase their life. Next, create a side part to complete the hairstyle. For long-lasting curls, don’t run your fingers through the hair. That’s it! You are all set to match the hair game with Sanya!

    Being a part of a curly-headed gang is not easy. You have to be consistent and careful with your hair routine and go for regular hair trims to maintain the volume and texture of the curls. Elevate your usual hairstyle with our most loved ones mentioned above. Don’t be surprised if people flatter you with praise!