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Transform Your Hair with The Best Hair Oils to Invest In

For centuries, hair oil has been the secret weapon for healthy, shiny locks. From the use of castor oil by the ancient Egyptians to the Ayurvedic practices of India using coconut oil, these natural formulas have stood the test of time. But with a wide variety of options, choosing the best hair oils can feel overwhelming. This will be your go-to guide for everything you need to know about adding hair oil to your routine for a transformative hair journey.

A World of Oils: Unveiling the Different Types

A world of different hair oils, and each oil boasts unique qualities and benefits. Here’s a glimpse of some of the most popular options: 

  • Carrier oil: 

    This versatile oil forms the base of many hair care products. Common examples include argan oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, and almond oil. They are lightweight and easy to pull on, making them suitable for most hair types. 
  • Essential Oils:

    Powerhouses of concentrated tree extracts, they should always be diluted before use. They offer benefits such as promoting hair health (tea tree oil), adding shine (lavender oil), and promoting hair growth (rosemary oil). 
  • Ayurvedic Oils:

    Being inspired by Indian medicine, this oil often combines carrier oils with herbs and plant extracts. Examples include amla oil for hair strengthening, bhringraj hair oil for hair growth, and neem oil for dandruff control.

Benefits Beyond Shine: Why Hair Oil Deserves a Spot in Your Routine

Hair oils are more than just shine. Here's how it can transform your hair. 

  • Moisturizes and conditions:

    Oils penetrate the hair to lock in moisture and prevent dryness. This is especially beneficial for dry, damaged or color-treated hair. 
  • Promotes Hair Health:

    Healthy hair is essential for healthy hair growth. Oils can help soothe irritation, fight dandruff, and even stimulate blood flow to the scalp. 
  • Reduces Frizz and Flyaways:

    Tame those fussy strands! Oils such as argan oil and grape seed oil soften, making hair more manageable and less frizzy. 
  • Adds shine and protects:

    Hair oil acts as a barrier, protecting your hair from environmental damage caused by UV rays, heat treatment and pollution. The result is that? Shiny, healthy-looking hair. 
  • Encourages Hair Growth:

    Certain oils, such as castor oil, bhrinraj, neem and rosemary oil, are believed to stimulate hair follicles and promote hair growth. They are considered among the best hair oils for hair growth
  • Heat Protection: 

    Hair oil can act as a heat protectant, shielding your hair from the damaging effects of hot styling tools like blow dryers and straighteners.

How to Use Hair Oil for Maximum Impact

Unlock the power of your chosen best hair oil with the right application method: 

  • Less is more:

    Start with less, usually less quantity, and adjust based on hair length and thickness. Too much oil can reduce the weight of the hair. 
  • Warm it Up (optional):

    Gently warming your oil can improve the effectiveness of your oil, especially in thicker oils like coconut oil. 
  • Note the needs:

    Apply oil to the ends of your hair for moisture and shine, or massage it into your hair to keep it healthy.
  • Timing is key:

    Hair oil can be used as a pre-wash treatment, leave-in conditioner, or conditioner. Experiment and see what works best for you.

Hair Oil Myths and Facts

Don’t let negativity stop you from experiencing the magic of hair oil! Here setting the record straight: 


Hair oil will make my hair greasy. 


When used properly, hair oil should not make hair greasy. Choose a light oil and apply sparingly, focusing on mid-length and ends. 


Hair oil clogs hair follicles and inhibits hair growth. 


Conversely, hair oil can promote hair growth by nourishing the scalp and stimulating circulation. Like, Bhringraj hair oil is one best hair oils for hair growth and thickness. 


All hair types benefit from hair oils. 


While most hair types benefit from hair oils, it’s important to choose the right oil for your specific scalp needs. Choose lighter oils like grapeseed oil for fine hair and sweeter oils like argan oil for dry, dry hair. 


Hair oils only add shine.


Hair oil offers more benefits than shine. They can combat frizz, prevent breakage, promote hair growth and even protect against heat damage. 


Only need to apply hair oil to the ends of your hair.


While split ends are a prime target of hair oil, its benefits extend far beyond. Applying a light layer to your scalp can improve blood circulation and nourish hair follicles, which can boost hair growth. For a truly transformative experience, consider pre-wash scalp massage before washing with a carrier oil infused with a few drops of rosemary oil (hair oil for hair growth).

Choosing the Right Hair Oil for Your Hair Type

Now that we've debunked the myths, let's delve into the world of hair oils and find your perfect match!

  • Dry Hair:

    Craving moisture and manageability? Look for rich oils like coconut oil, argan oil, or avocado oil. These oils penetrate the hair shaft, delivering deep hydration and promoting elasticity. 
  • Fine Hair:

    Worried about greasy roots? Opt for lightweight, fast-absorbing oils like grapeseed oil, almond oil, jojoba oil or bhringraj hair oil. These oils add shine and control frizz without weighing down your fine strands. 
  • Thick Hair:

    Can your hair handle a bit of weight? Consider luxurious oils like shea butter, castor oil or olive oil. These rich oils provide intense nourishment and manageability for your thick locks. 
  • Curly Hair:

    Embrace your natural texture with coconut oil, avocado oil, or castor oil. These oils help define curls, fight frizz, and add moisture to prevent breakage.
  • Damaged Hair:

    Seeking to repair and restore? Argan oil, known as "liquid gold" for its restorative properties, is a great choice. It tames frizz, adds shine, and helps mend heat and styling damage. 


When choosing an oil, consider your scalp type as well. If you have a sensitive scalp, opt for gentle oils like jojoba oil or sweet almond oil.

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Incorporating Hair Oil into Your Hair Care Routine

Hair oil can be your new best friend, but knowing how to use it effectively unlocks its full potential. Here are some ways to incorporate hair oil into your routine: 

  • Pre-shampoo:

    Apply a few drops of oil to your hair and scalp before shampooing for a deep conditioning. Leave on for 30 minutes to an hour for maximum benefits.
  • Leave-in conditioner:

    Apply a few drops of oil to damp ends of hair to hydrate and add shine. This is especially helpful for dry or damaged hair. 
  • Heat protection:

    oat your hair with a light oil before using heating tools to protect it from heat damage. 
  • Night Treatment:

    Deeply nourish your hair with an oil treatment at night. Apply plenty of oil to your hair, focusing on the ends, and wrap your head in a scarf or sleeping hat. Wash your hair thoroughly in the morning.

Pro tip:

Always start with a few drops of oil and condition your hair as needed. Less is often more when it comes to hair oils.


Hair oil is a versatile and powerful addition to your hair care routine. By choosing the best hair oil and incorporating it into your routine, you can unlock a world of benefits – from dazzling shine, frizz control to deep nourishment and protection. So, throw away the myths, embrace the facts, and take a journey to healthy, beautiful hair with the power of hair oil! 

Happy hairstyles!