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Night time Rejuvenation: Overnight Face Creams for Glowing Morning Skin


Who doesn’t want to wake up to a morning filled with peace and a face beaming with glow and softness? Well, I do and I am sure you would too. But have you ever thought that the secret to the morning glow lies in that little jar of moisturiser we use every time we feel the need to pamper ourselves? Yes, best face creams can ace up your skin if used correctly and can do wonders to make your skin look fresh, young and radiant with each sunrise. Curious to know more? Then scroll down in this blog to unlock the benefits of using night face creams and see how they can flip the script of your skin.


Face creams are formulated using skin-friendly ingredients which work perfectly for all skin types. The ingredients used in face creams have moisture-locking abilities to keep skin hydrated and fresh. Natural face creams have ingredients which work magically to maintain skin’s elasticity, prevent wrinkles and boost collagen levels. Despite many debates which revolve around the functionality of face creams, it is safe to say that creams with a good combination of ingredients work well as dry skin cream for face and improve skin texture. However, to get the best results from face creams, know your skin type and choose the best face cream.


As the name suggests, morning face creams cater to the skin’s needs during the day and night face creams work on the skin when we are in deep slumber. Both have their share of importance in skincare. Our skin's needs differ at different times of the day. During the day, our face gets exposed to dirt, dust, pollution and UV rays. So, day face creams act as a shield and protect skin from all external pollutants to keep skin fresh. They are also enriched with SPF to defend against sun damage. Likewise, night face creams have their share of concerns to cater to. Since the face is constantly exposed to many pollutants during the day, it needs some time off to repair and heal itself at night. This is where night face creams come to the rescue. Unlike AM moisturisers, one can expect heavy formulations in PM moisturisers like retinol, Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. During the night, the skin rejuvenates and recovers with the application of night creams, making skin look fresh, supple and radiant in the morning.


The night is the time when our skin rests and recovers. After the long haul of the entire day, it is at night when our skin needs some me time just like we all want to. From sun exposure to dust, dirt and pollution, our skin fights against all such elements during the day and looks forward to repairing and rejuvenating at night. While most people go ahead with their day creams at night, you should not follow this practice as both work on the skin for different purposes. Day creams are lighter on the skin and are not regenerative enough to be used at night. Thick and greasy night creams and gels absorb deeply and trap moisture and other essential vitamins and acids to keep skin supple and hydrated for the next day. The secret to glowing skin in the morning lies in the magic hidden in the night face creams and gels made to bring out that inner glow and fix flaws, if any.


PM moisturisers are said to work like magic on the skin. Their healing properties and hydrating agents transform the skin's natural texture, making it look young and radiant.

Cleanses skin

Night creams detox and clean the pores by seeping deep into the skin. They remove dirt and dullness, thus revealing brighter, cleaner skin.

Provides deep nourishment

Hydrating agents in night’s best face creams like hyaluronic acid trap moisture in the skin and keep it hydrated and fresh for the following day. Other beneficial ingredients also provide nourishment to skin cells and prevent damage.

Slows down ageing

The PM formula also slows down ageing by maintaining the skin's natural vibrance and texture. It also makes up for the harm caused to the skin by any makeup product or sun damage and keeps skin young and maintained.

Repairs and recovers skin

At night, the body's energy is directed towards making peace within each cell of the body. The skin also looks forward to nights when our cells undergo repair and regenerative processes. It is the perfect time for the skin to regain nourishment and boost collagen levels with the application of overnight face creams. Ingredients like antioxidants and retinol repair damaged skin and renew skin cells.

Hydrates and moisturises

Hyaluronic acid is a key component in night creams as it locks moisture and keeps skin fresh all day. Our skin loses its water content in various ways during the day. PM face creams refill and trap moisture to make skin look plump the following morning.

Brings out hidden glow

The last and the most effective outcome of using overnight face creams is the soft glow which follows the next day. With over 8 hours of intense repair and care, night creams tighten and brighten the skin, making it luminous the next day.

A soft, peachy glow is to die for. Who doesn't want skin to be sparkly and shiny all day? Well, we all do. Night creams are an essential part of skincare and should not be looked down upon as it is within the darkness of the night when such creams work on the cells and prepare them to shine even brighter the next day.